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Start doing what you love and getting paid!

Get real world, on-the-job experience while you’re still a student. Instead of just learning about business and marketing, get paid to do it, while building your resume. Don’t wait until you graduate to realize that a diploma doesn’t equal a job.

Start with the personal branding training modules first, to figure out what you like. Maybe it’s a hobby, your favorite band, a particular food you like, a business you support. We’ll match you with that business or one in that category. For example, if you’re a big fan of the NBA, we have NBA teams as clients. So you could learn how to do social media marketing for one of them.

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"Becoming an UNTERN allowed me to still get a good education while not worrying about going into debt."

"Being an untern has helped me to learn the ins and out of a new industry first hand. By jumping in two feet first I have been able to learn more in a shorter period of time than I have in the past."